Kheyameya, 2016

For Rotate Editions, NL

Tokyo shutter, 2016

For Tokyo Shutter, Tokyo, Japan

Maison de Reefur, 2015

For Maison de Reefur, Tokyo, Japan

Brain Magazine, 2015

For Brain Magazine, Japan

Save The Bees, 2015

For Honey Club, London, UK

KK Outlet, 2015

For KK Outlet, London, UK

Artefact Magazine, 2015

For Artefact Magazine, London, UK

Numbers, 2015

For Numbers, UK

Gas As If, Tee Shirt design, 2015

For Gas As If, Tokyo, Japan

Illustrations, 2015

For The New York Times, USA

Love is in my blood, 2013

For Elton John AIDS foundation, Mother agency, UK