Happy Face Project, Paris, 2017

For Mon Oncle le Vigneron, Paris, France

Local People (What The F**k), 2016

Residency in Ibiza, Spain

Happy Face Project, Breda, 2016

For The Graphic Design festival, Breda, NL

Bookblock, 2016

For Bookblock, London, UK

Happy Face project, Tokyo, 2016

For Mosaki Architecture, Tokyo, Japan

Kheyameya, 2016

For Rotate Editions, NL

Posters, 2013

For Saison Graphique, Le Havre, France

Alpha Bêtes, animation, 2011

For Sketch Gallery, London, UK

Alpha Bêtes – X

Masks & Sweets, 2011

For the Museum of the Image, Breda, NL

Sweet & Masks