Maison de Reefur, 2015

For Maison de Reefur, Tokyo, Japan

Save The Bees, 2015

For Honey Club, London, UK

Tshirts designs, 2012

For Wego, Tokyo, Japan

Wego – T-shirt

Masks & Sweets, 2011

For the Museum of the Image, Breda, NL

Sweet & Masks

Masks paper, 2013

For KK Outlet, London, UK

Posters, 2013

For Saison Graphique, Le Havre, France

Illustrations, 2015

For The New York Times, USA

Totem 49, series of totems, 2009

For Kemistry Gallery, London, UK

Spaceships, 2011

For BVR bank, Berlin, DE