Nov 2022

Mural tapestry, Brazil

Series of 3 mural tapestries titled ‘Childhood is the Beginning of a Poem’ for Apara, Brazil.

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Nov 2022

Participative performance, Japan

“The Coloured Road’, participative performance with 60 kids from Tsukuba-Mirai, Japan.

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Nov 2022

Public art in Tsukuba-Mirai, Japan

Painted house titled ‘Old Pond, a Frog Jumped In, Sound of Water’ for the City of Tsukuba-Mirai, Japan.

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Sep 2022

Public art at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

Series of three sculptures and mural paintings as part as Art Extravaganza at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, Germany.

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Aug 2022

Residency at Gwinzegal, France

Two interactive sculptures titled ‘The Guardians of the Dream’, produced during an art residency at the art center Gwinzegal in Guingamp, France.

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Jul 2022

Exhibition in Ibiza, Spain

Group show ‘Preludio’, I am showing my project ‘Loca People (What The F**k)‘ at Ses Dotze Naus, June till September 2022, in Ibiza, Spain

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Jun 2022

Exhibition in Ghent, Belgium

Group show, I had the pleasure to be part of with a few artworks at TiPi in Belgium

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Jun 2022

‘The Colored Street’, Clermont Ferrand, France

‘La Rue Colorée’ (The Coloured Street) is an invitation to color with chalk, a long line of 170 meters, crossing the Place de Jaude in Clermont-Ferrand, France. In the form of a human chain, it is a collective experience where everyone can place colors on the floor at random to draw a human genome. This long line is the witness of our ephemeral passage on this square at this precise moment and our common imprint.

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May 2022

‘Everything Is Temporary’, London, UK

Clothing collaboration with the brand Folk Clothing

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Apr 2022


Series of eight engravings.
Produced at RLD Editions

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Jan 2022

‘Read in Between The Lines’, Japan

Painting perfomance in visio conference due to the pandemic travelling restrictions. Painting produced with 30 employees at Kokuyo set as a workshop in Tokyo, Japan.

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Dec 2021

‘Memory is the Perfume of the Soul’, South Korea

Installation and exhibition in Seoul, South Korea at The Conran Shop

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