Sep 2023

Wall painting in Kuwait

Monumental wall painting
size 18 x 3.50 meter at The Conran Shop Kuwait

Aug 2023

Master Class in Breda, NL

‘Before The Thought, There is the Dream’.
Three days Master Class with six international creatives, in Breda, Netherlands. Thanks to Graphic Matters for the invitation.
I’ve asked the participants (graphic designers) to follow a step by step process to learn how to generate new personal ideas inspired by their direct surroundings. Following these steps, they’ve then painted onto textile to transform it into a garment shield to respond to the Master Class general theme ‘Blow Up, Blow Out’.

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Jul 2023

Tennis court, Angers, France

‘Algorithmic Symphony’, floor painting and renovation of a tennis court, size 36 x 18 meter, in Angers, France.
Commissioned by the City of Angers with the help from two students from the National Art school.

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Jun 2023

Jury at Penninghen art school, Paris

I’ve been invited by Jean Charles de Castelbajac to be a member of a jury at the Penninghen art school in Paris France

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Jun 2023

Sport floor painting, Angers, France

‘Soul Mate’, floor painting, size 18 x 19 meter. Commissioned by the City of Angers in collaboration with 3 students from the Angers Art School and four teenagers in work reinsertion (mission locale angevine). Thanks to the team!
Renovation and painting of a sport and playful space.

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Jun 2023

Candles for Dyptique and Villa Noailles, France

Set of 10 Dyptique candles hand painted on the occasion of the 100th year anniversary of the Villa Noailles.

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Feb 2023

Interactive generative installation, for Dalbin Table, France

‘Musical Writing’, interactive generative installation produced for Dalbin Table, launched at the NFT Paris fair 2023 in Paris at the Grand Palais.

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Jan 2023

Solo exhibition, Seoul, South Korea

First gallery solo exhibition of paintings on canvas, titled ‘Thickness of Time’ at Artworks Paris Seoul Gallery, in Seoul, South Korea. Opening 16th February 2023

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Jan 2023

Group show in Venezia, Italy

Series of three textiles banners for the group exhibition ‘Pareidolia, I See Faces Everywhere’ at the gallery Spazio Punch, in Venice, Italy, curated and organized by Zaven. Opening 11th February 2023.

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Jan 2023

Portrait shot by Paul Rousteau

New portrait shot by the photographer Paul Rousteau

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Dec 2022

Workshop at Villa Noailles, France

One week workshop with 10 kids aged 8-12 years old, at The Villa Noailles in France during the “Pitchouns’ festival

Nov 2022

Mural tapestry, Brazil

Series of 3 mural tapestries titled ‘Childhood is the Beginning of a Poem’ for Apara, Brazil.

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