‘Saturday Comes Slow’, 2024

Acrylic paintings on paper

‘And You’ll Never See Their Faces’, 2024

Château Beaubois, Nîmes, France

‘Le Temple’, 2017

For the art event ‘Nuit Blanche’, Mayenne, France

‘Theatre des Hasards’, 2024

University Hospital, commissioned by Festival Normandie impressionniste

‘Old Pond, a Frog Jumped In, Sound of Water’, 2022

For the City of Tsukuba-Mirai, Japan

‘Flags of the Ephemeral Pavillon’, 2024

Commissioned by Villa Noailles, Toulon, France

‘House’, 2020

For the Tourism Office, Durtal, France

‘Algorithmic Symphony’, 2023

For City of Angers, France

‘The Guardians of the Dream’, 2022

For Art Center Gwinzegal, Guingamp, France