Dec 2017

Painting in Paris, France

Shutter painting of the architecture practice Vincent Hestaux
Rue de l’Equerre, Paris 75019, France

Nov 2017

Temple, Mayenne, France

Installation and painting of ‘The temple’ for the one night art event only ‘La Nuit Blanche’
in Mayenne, France

Oct 2017

Totem for Amnesty International, London, UK

Totem commissioned and auction in profit for Amnesty International for Peace Day

Jul 2017

Painting in Berlin, Germany

Shutter painting of the production company ‘Trigger Happy’
Swinemuender 121, Berlin, Germany


Jun 2017

Painting in Takamatsu, Japan

Shutter painting of the sound design company
Evance Inc, in Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan

Jun 2017

Painting in Paris, France

Shutter painting of the restaurant ‘Mon Oncle Vigneron’
71 rue Rebeval, Paris, France

Feb 2017

Window painting, London, UK

Window painting of A New Tribe, London, UK

Feb 2017

Block Note, London, UK

Series of block note covers.
Commissioned by BookBlock, London, UK

Jan 2017

Smallest Hotel

Poster for the smallest hotel in the Netherlands.
Commissioned by Johan Kramer

Dec 2016

Maison de Reefur, Tokyo

Character design forĀ Maison de Reefur, Tokyo, Japan

Oct 2016

Painting in Ibiza, Spain

Shutter painting of the art shop.
Carrer de Bartomeu Vicent Ramon, Ibiza, Spain

Oct 2016

Painting in Breda, NL

Shutter paintings in Breda.
4 paintings in the city, commissioned by The Graphic Design Festival