Dec 2016

Maison de Reefur, Tokyo

Character design for Maison de Reefur, Tokyo, Japan

Oct 2016

Painting in Ibiza, Spain

Happy Face Project painting of the art shop.
Carrer de Bartomeu Vicent Ramon, Ibiza, Spain

Oct 2016

Painting in Breda, NL

Happy Face Project paintings in Breda.
4 paintings in the city, commissioned by The Graphic Design Festival

Jun 2016

Painting in Paris, France

Shutter painting of the bar l’Embuscade.
Rue de Crussol, 75011 Paris, France

Jun 2016

Painting in Tokyo, Japan

Shutter painting of the architecture practice Mosaki
2-5 Tsukasamachi Kanda Chiyodaku, Tokyo

Jan 2016

Painting in Tokyo, Japan

Legal Shutter Tokyo invited me to produce a painting on a restaurant shutter in Koenji, Tokyo

Jan 2016

Exhibition in Tokyo

I am now represented by A-Gent Tokyo. To launch the agency, the exhibition ‘World Class Creators’ reuniting all the illustrators in one show, is taking place from the 15th till the 21st january at Bank Gallery in Tokyo

Dec 2015

Beams, Japan

Collaboration with the japanese garment company Beams to produce original designs for
their t-shirts

Nov 2015

Exhibition in Hong Kong

I’ve been invited to participate to the ‘White exhibition’ at Usagi Gallery in Hong Kong

Nov 2015


Back from Tokyo to meet new clients and find more inspiration

Aug 2015

50th Anniversary of British Road Sign

Made North invited Damien Poulain alongside 50 designers to produce a road sign to celebrate the 50th year anniversary of the British Road Sign

Jul 2015

Album Cover for Sparky

Album cover for Sparky on the UK label Numbers