Damien Poulain is an artist responding to various invitations, exploring design and architecture, Damien Poulain’s work develops in a transversality influenced by shintoist, tribal and heraldic symbols. In his practice, he uses material such as textile, spray paint, sculpture, and architectural volumes to develop a work targeting the meaning of community and the tools of its beliefs. His work invest and promote optimism in building communities and wishes through his projects to bring people together. At the same time, he intends to raise questions about contemporary popular culture’s practices, in collaborative approaches between the artist and local artisans and ressources.

With his ongoing project ’Happy Face project’ Damien Poulain sprays paint on shutters around the world, and creates urban architectural interventions to develop a direct interaction with the public. With his monumental public art murals series ‘Loves Has No Size’ explore the multiple human facets and love possibilities through a geometric work. By painting in urban spaces, he wishes to spread a simple and yet complex message of and about love in various parts of the world, to confront people with a universal message about beauty, possibilities and choices.

Poulain had solo shows in London at Kemistry Gallery and KK Outlet, in Tokyo at Calm and Punk Gallery and Claska, and group shows at the Museum of Graphic Design in Breda, Holland and 21_21 Museum in Tokyo, Japan.

Damien is working in between London and Paris.

Tel. +33 7 69 49 62 99
Email. hello@damienpoulain.com

Instagram @damienpoulain

Represented in Europe by
Paris, France

Represented in Japan by
The Bee’s Knees
Tokyo, Japan

Gas As Interface Co. Ltd
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